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Finding ways to improve access in a range of properties, both domestic and commercial, is vital for ensuring those with mobility issues can use and engage with facilities many of us simply take for granted.

One new development is the pneumatic home elevator. This works by creating a vacuum at the top of the elevator which then pulls the platform upwards. When someone needs to descend, there is a slow release of air pressure that reverses the process. These lifts are ideal for domestic properties because they are easy to install, take up less space and are a safe and simple way for those with mobility issues to gain access to upper floors.

The current pneumatic home elevators can operate up to a height of 15m or about 5 stops, so are eminently suitable for the domestic environment. Unlike conventional lifts they don’t come with the bulky mechanisms that often prohibit installations in a home.

The entire vacuum motor is fitted on top of the cylinder and the electrical operating system is on the inside. With clear walls, the elevator also has the aesthetic appearance that many home owners will like and the kind of design that will fit in with the décor of many homes.

The pneumatic home elevator comes in three models:

  • The PVE30 is the basic model, designed to take one person at a time. The diameter is 750mm and can take a weight of 159 kg.
  • PVE37 is the mid-range model and can take two people with a maximum load of 205 kg. The diameter is 933mm.
  • Finally, PVE52 is the largest and able to take three people or someone in a wheelchair. The diameter is 1316mm and can take a weight of 235 kg.

The Benefits of a Pneumatic Home Elevator

One of the major benefits for home owners is the ease of installation. With no major construction work needed, it normally takes just a couple of days to fit the lift in any home. The vacuum technology used is both clean, quiet and easily maintained. It can give any home owner a great way to get between floors that looks less cluttered than a product such as stairlift.

The fully transparent construction is also something that many customers appreciate, giving them a clear 360 view of the home. Should there be a power outage or other problem, the nature of the lift means that the platform descends slowly to the ground floor.

At the Versatile Lift Company, we’re one of the few businesses who now have the pneumatic home elevator available for home installation. Our team will be able to quickly assess your property to ensure that it is suitable and undertake the installation professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

The lift itself is simple to use and maintain and is a cost-effective solution for those with mobility problems. Contact our friendly team today to find out more and arrange for a free consultation.


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