What Happens When You No Longer Need a Stairlift?

Benefits to a Stairlift

A stairlift is a device that can be installed in homes and businesses as a means for people to travel up and downstairs. There are different types of stairlifts that allow them to be used on high-rise buildings as well as those that provide safety for those who have limited mobility. The benefits of using a stairlift include the safety it provides for elders and those with certain medical conditions, such as arthritis and impaired balance.

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There may be cases where the need for the stairlift will stop due to physical improvement or other circumstances. However, there may also be instances where it’s still necessary because of medical reasons. For example, if someone recovers from surgery and they’re not sure if they’ve recovered enough yet to climb up and down the stairs. In this case, a stairlift may still be needed as a way to make it easier for them to go up and down.

Who should use a stairlift

People who are experiencing difficulties with climbing up or downstairs, those with mobility issues, and seniors may all benefit from using a stairlift. Stairlifts can be used on high-rise buildings as well as on homes with few stairs. Some stairlifts allow you to go up more than one flight of stairs at a time. There are different types of stairlifts on the market. You can find out more about them here.

Is Your Stairlift Still Needed?

Your doctor might be able to let you know when a stairlift isn’t needed anymore. For instance, your doctor might tell you that if you have been recovering from surgery and don’t need the lift anymore. In this case, your doctor would let you know that the use of a stairlift should stop. 

In other cases where it’s necessary, such as if someone has limited mobility, your doctor may recommend a different device to help with mobility.

How Experts Install Stairlifts

A stairlift is installed in a home or business with an occupied space that needs to be accessed from the outside. There will be a space, usually adjacent to the stairs, where one can stop and install the lift. In some cases, a platform may need to be built for this purpose.

Once you’ve identified the best spot for installation, you’ll need to carefully measure the height of this platform so that it is close enough to the ground without being too close or too low. The next step is installing the frame of the device which includes a bottom section and a top section. These will also be supported by two posts on either side that will go into the ground. Once this frame is set up, you’ll need to attach the cabling, which will transfer the weight of the seat and passengers to the posts. The final step is attaching the seat onto the cables so that it can go up or down as needed.

Common Issues

A common problem that might arise is the cables not being sufficiently greased. This can cause the seat to get stuck or not be able to move up and down the stairs. It’s important to perform maintenance on stairlifts periodically in order to avoid these problems. 

The most commonly recommended maintenance includes greasing the cables and checking the screws and bolts every six months.

Stairlift Removal

If a person has recovered from a surgery or injury, they might not need to use a stairlift anymore. This might be because their mobility is fully restored or there are other factors that have been resolved. In these cases, they can stop using the stairlift and choose another form of the assistive device if they’re still experiencing mobility limitations. If they’re still recovering from an injury or surgery, then they may need to continue with their stairlift until the recovery is complete.

You should contact the company that installed your stairlift to come and dismantle it if it is no longer needed.


A stairlift is an assistive device that can be useful for those who are recovering from surgery or injuries, seniors, and people with mobility problems. It may also make it easier to access a high-rise building’s stairs. 

To learn more about how to install one in your home or business space, contact the company that installed the lift originally. You should know when you no longer need a stairlift because if you’re fully recovered then there will be no reason to use it anymore!

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