Do you look at your stairs the same way that Edmund Hillary looked at Mount Everest? Moving up and down stairs should be a basic activity, but it can become a distressing experience when your mobility isn’t as good as it used to be.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Our stairlifts will help you regain your freedom and independence.

Whatever your budget, we have the perfect stairlift to fit you and your home.

Luxury Home Lifts

Maybe you don’t need any help moving around your home at the moment. You and your family are fit and healthy, but you have an eye on the future. Now is the best time to put your plans in place for making sure your home will remain your home. Forever.

Our luxury home lifts are a stylish future-proofing addition to your home. Our range of lifts include the latest in smart technology designed to be an elegant yet practical feature and include the latest pneumatic vacuum lifts which use air to glide you between floors.

Wheelchair Lifts (at home)

Having a wheelchair shouldn’t stop you using every floor of your home. Perhaps you’ve thought about a stairlift then decided it isn’t the best solution for you. In which case, our wheelchair lifts could be the answer to the problem of safely and easily moving you up and down your stairs.

If space in your home is a concern, then one of our through-floor lifts could work for you. There’s no lift shaft taking up a permanent space, so when the lift is upstairs, you have the full use of the downstairs room and vice versa.


As a UK supplier we are not tied in to any one manufacturer of dumbwaiters however we choose to supply Husband’s service lifts because they are made in the UK and are supported by a full project management and technical team to ensure a trouble free installation.

Please call now and speak to a member of our team for advice about our different products or we can arrange a FREE no-obligation survey. A member of our survey team will come to meet you on site and offer advice accordingly.

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