Luxury Home Lifts

Moving around your home might not be a problem for you at the moment. But have you thought about the future?

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE)

Available in three versions from single to a triple occupancy wheelchair lift, our PVE range showcases the latest in Pneumatic Vacuum Technology.

PVE lifts are powered by air which makes them incredibly energy efficient with low running costs. As they are self-supporting, there’s no need for a lift shaft or machine room so there’s minimal disruption to your home. They fit into your existing floor plan and can be installed in a matter of hours.

Featuring a modern, stylish design, our PVEs are also available in a choice of colours to compliment your interior décor.

Aritco Homelift

The Artico residential lift is a beautiful, classic design, featuring a backlit wall with a choice of artwork available. Control the lighting with the SmartLift app to make your lift unique and give that additional feeling of luxury.

Installation is relatively straightforward as there’s no lift shaft or motor room needed, and it only uses a minimal amount of wall fixing and supporting framework.

IGV Domus

Versatility is the word for the IGV Domus. It can be installed inside or outside your home and is available in a range of sizes to fit the smallest of spaces or give you the largest capacity.

With a variety of finishes and accessories, you can customise your Domus Lift to suit your individual style and requirements.

Nova Suite

The Nova Suite lift is the ultimate in tailor-made, bespoke, luxury. Customise your lift with panoramic walls in wood-effect or stainless steel; use LED lighting to change the mood and style of your lift; choose automatic and swing doors. Make your Nova Suite lift as individual as your home.

Stiltz Duo

A recent addition to our range, the Stiltz Duo isn’t like other lifts. You can put it almost anywhere as it doesn’t need to attach to a wall. The electric drive motor sits at the top of the lift and is so quiet you’ll almost wonder if it’s running. The innovative design means you can install a Stiltz Duo in areas that other lifts won’t fit, and installation can be done in less than a day.


If you like the idea of having a pneumatic vacuum elevator at home and need a more cost-effective option, the PVE Eco gives you all the premium quality of our standard PVE range at a budget price.

Moving around your home might not be a problem for you at the moment. But have you thought about the future?
Will that always be the case?

Forever-proofing where you live now is something your future-self would likely advise you to do. Many people find their flexibility and movement suffers with time and wish they’d future-proofed their home at a younger age.

Installing an elegant, stylish, home lift will give you comfort and convenience now and peace of mind in the future. Our wide range of domestic lift options feature the first ever and only air-powered lift which circular design adds style and finesse to your home.

No-obligation residential lift survey

Our highly experienced surveyors will come to meet you at your home (or offices) discuss your requirements, take measurements and photos so that we can provide a quotation for the optimum solution for your needs.

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