Wheelchair Lifts (at home)

Having a wheelchair won’t stop you using every floor of your home when you choose one of our stylish through floor lifts.

Stiltz Trio

The Stilz Trio+ range gives you the convenience of a larger lift car size if you need to travel in a wheelchair – either now or in the future. Committed to accessible living, this unique lift allows you to remain living independently in your home. For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive 12-month parts and labour warranty is provided with all new installations, and of course we offer the option of extended service and maintenance plans.


Regain the freedom of your home by being able to travel between floors smoothly, quietly nd safely. Sometimes space is limited, therefore the Harmony features an ingenious car design resulting in a wheelchair lift which Is only fractionally larger on the outside than the inside. When It comes to internal car size and the number of lift models available, The Harmony model is the only ‘’through-floor’’ lift that can accommodate all category A and B wheelchairs.

TSL 500/1000

TSL is a small platform or step lift to enable wheelchair users access to another level they wouldn’t normally be able to. Whilst usually chosen for outside, the lift may be fitted indoors also. The lift will travel up to 500mm/1000mm with a bridging stepping or alternatively with upper gate protection. A step lift in often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited.

The TSL provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway, inside or outside. It has convenient controls (remote option available) and a shallow approach ramp. The self-contained unit is suitable for mounting on a smooth flat surface, such as concrete or tarmac and can easily be installed in a day. In case of a power cut, the battery back-up provides normal operation, for up to 30 cycles.

Having a wheelchair shouldn’t stop you using every floor of your home. A stairlift may not be the best solution for you, however our wheelchair lifts could be the solution to accessing all levels.  If space in your home is a concern, then one of our stylish through-floor lifts could work for you. There’s no lift shaft taking up a permanent space, so when the lift is upstairs, you have the full use of the downstairs room and vice versa.

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