Stairlift Installation for Curved and Straight Stairs, UK

Being able to move around your home safely and easily is a basic part of life, and going upstairs shouldn’t be an ordeal. A straight or curved stairlift is a great way to maintain your independence, allowing you to move around your home effortlessly, without the stairs becoming an obstacle to your everyday life. Based in Wigan, we are a stairlift supplier that offers the UK’s most popular models, including installation. Our heavy duty stairlifts fit around your needs and can be installed on all types of curved and straight staircases.

Brooks 130

Stairlift for Straight Staircases

Brooks 130 stairlifts are simple and effective, taking you straight up and down. One of the UK’s leading brands, Brooks stairlifts are durable and require hardly any maintenance, as the battery recharges automatically when you get to the top. Footrest safety sensors cause the lift to stop if there is an obstruction on the stairs.

Brooks stairlift installation only takes a few hours. Some of our straight stairlifts can be installed within a day of being ordered.


Bespoke Synergy

Staircase For Straight Staircases

Our super slim stairlifts are ideal for the narrowest staircases, fitting flat against the wall when not in use to maximise the space on the stairway. Specific models are also available in a range of colours so you can tailor yours to match your décor.

The Bespoke Synergy stairlift is designed with safety as a priority, so that you can use your home with full peace of mind.

Bespoke Infinity

Curved Stairlift Installation

Bespoke Infinity is engineered especially for the most complicated staircases. It’s easy to control, with an ergonomically designed toggle control attached to the arm. You can lock it when not in use, so that others can’t access it.
It’s made to fit conveniently around your household, with a compact and streamlined design.

Flow X

For Complex Curved Staircases

For particularly challenging staircases, we can install a tubular track system adaptable to spiral staircases. The rail can fit on either side of the stairs, with a fold-away seat to give you plenty of free space. You can choose from a selection of rail and seat colours to blend in with your décor.
Controls are easy to use, and installation of your stairlift is quick and hassle free.

Brooks 180

For Simple Curved Staircases

The Brooks 180 has a range of in-built features so you can enjoy comfort and safety, as well as accessibility. A paddle switch makes it easy to operate with limited dexterity, and safety sensors stop the lift if an obstacle is present. Some of our curved stairlifts can be installed within a few days of being ordered.

Platinum Curve Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Heavy Duty for Curved Staircases

All our stairlifts are available as heavy-duty versions. These have comfortable wider seats as well as a motorised swivel which turns the seat for you when you’re ready to step off. There’s also an automatic footrest which folds up at the touch of a button, so there’s no need to bend over or crouch down. It’s available in a variety of colours to match your interior décor.

Minivator 1000 XXL

Heavy Duty Stairlifts for Straight Staircases

Perfect for those of us who are “built for comfort, not speed”. Our versatile heavy-duty range can handle up to 440 lb without taking up too much space on the stairs. Dual remote controls let you call it to you from upstairs or downstairs if other people also use it.

Bruno Elite

Heavy Duty Stairlifts for Every Staircase

The elegant, bespoke design of the Bruno Elite curved stairlift can be custom built for any curved staircase. It combines a “heavy duty” structure with a smooth and quiet ride. Our custom-made and hand-crafted stairlifts will match your requirements precisely.

Free no-obligation stairlift installation survey

Our highly experienced stairlift installation surveyors will come to meet you at your home to discuss your requirements. They will take measurements and photos so that we can provide a quotation for the optimum solution to your needs.

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