The 21st Century Lift!

PVE37 Two Passenger Residential Elevator

If you want a lift that has a unique design and could revolutionise the way you get from one floor to another, then it’s time to look at the PVE. Available in a range of sizes Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators work in a totally different way and can fit in a wide range of spaces. Ease of installation and ease of use are just two of the reasons why many businesses and homes are opting for this 21st Century technology.

How Do PVEs Work?

The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has been developed and designed by an American company based in Florida. It works by using the force generated by creating a vacuum to push the lift platform up and then let it settle down under its own energy when it returns to the bottom floor. The PVE certainly looks like it was made for this millennium with all-round, clear polycarbonate walls supported by a strong steel frame. The PVE comes in three different models:

  • The PVE30 is the smaller option that can take one person and can handle a weight of up to 159 Kg.
  • The PVE37 can take two people up to a 206 Kg.
  • The PVE52 can take three people or a person in a wheelchair up to 238 Kg.

PVEs are ideal for a wide range of locations including hotels, businesses, for installation on board luxury boats and for the home, particularly where a standard lift is not a viable proposition.

The Benefits of PVEs

  • One of the key benefits for many is that PVEs take up so little space compared to other lift installations. You don’t have to put in a large mechanism that requires more space because the PVE is self-enclosed so there’s no need for a pit or machine room.
  • It’s a highly cost effective option for both homes and businesses particular where you don’t want to install something like a stairlift. Because of the construction, a PVE is suitable for both new and old homes as well as businesses. Installation is pretty quick taking no more than a day or two.
  • The maintenance is minimal compared to standard lift and the PVE is highly eco-friendly using much less power than other options on the market. Each lift incorporates automatic safety mechanisms so that, if the power does fail, the carriage simply drops slowly and smoothly to the floor level below.
  • And finally, the PVE looks great. With all round visibility the lift gives a panoramic view with no cables or machinery to get in the way.

The PVE can be installed in any building and is available up to 15m in height, allowing room to stop at up to five floors depending on the construction of the building. The PVE52 is ideal if you want to provide disability access and can take up to one wheelchair passenger at a time.

Whether you are business looking for a safe and reliable lift that looks good and sends a positive message to your staff and clients or a home owner who wants an alternative to the standard stairlift, the PVE certainly ticks all the boxes.


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