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Accessibility is important in any residential area but installing a lift can be costly and time-consuming. At the Versatile Lift Company, we’ve worked with businesses such as residential homes and landlords to ensure they get an installation that not only looks great but which is functional and easy to maintain at the same time.

No one building is the same as another, of course. When you are considering a residential lift installation, it’s important to work with a company that has a strong reputation for delivering on a individual needs. Our reputation has been built up over a period of years when we’ve dealt with a wide range of domestic and commercial customers.

The PVE Lift: Perfect For Residential Properties

One of the latest additions to our lift product range is the Vacuum Elevator PVE which is proving popular with many of our customers, including residential property owners. While many lift installations require foundational work before fitting, the PVE does not require room for any engine or mechanism. It’s basically a self-contained unit that uses air pressure to drive the lift platform up and down.

Not only does the PVE look eminently stylish, it can be installed in just a few days in most cases. The main key is finding the right location to place the lift. The good news is, even with three different sizes, it doesn’t take up a great deal of space.

While simple to install, the lift can also be constructed up to a height of 15 metres with five separate stops if you have multiple floors. With the clear panelling and nothing like wires or cables in the way, you can see all around the lift as it travels up and down. The largest model is big enough to take a wheelchair and certainly offers the capability to make your property highly accessible to all.

Maintenance is another key factor that many of our customers love about this vacuum elevator. With not much in the way of moving parts, it’s extremely easy to maintain and there’s little to go wrong as there is with other systems.

Finally, the PVE Lift is environmentally friendly, the unit moving smoothly between floors with little power usage compared to bulkier lifts. The PVE is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Not only has it been installed in residential properties but domestic homes, offices and even in the odd luxury yacht.

Finding Your Residential Lift

If you are looking for a cost-effective lift installation that improves accessibility, there are plenty of options to choose from. Where Versatile Lift Company pride themselves is ensuring you get the model and design that is best suited to your needs. You’ll find our lift teams will sit down with you and discuss your requirements in great detail rather than trying to foist a particular design or system onto you as other companies might do.

Once you have chosen your lift installation, you can leave our operatives to get on with the task of putting it in and be sure they’ll do a great job. If you are interested in installing a lift in your residential property, contact our expert team today.


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