Disabled Access Solutions

The range of disabled access solutions in the UK has improved remarkably over the last couple of decades. At the Versatile Lift Company, we thought we’d take a look at the options available, whether you want to make your home more wheelchair friendly or you have a business that is looking to improve accessibility.

It’s important to consider all the options when you are looking to install a solution that is designed to improve your access.


When it comes to improving mobility in the home, the most common installation is a stairlift. For those who are finding getting up the stairs difficult, it’s the simplest and most cost-effective product to have installed.

Stairlifts can be tailored for practically any space, even where there are difficult access areas to overcome such as radiators. At the Versatile Lift Company, we begin with a comprehensive assessment of your living space to determine what your access needs are. The range of different stairlifts include compact designs that can be fitted to narrower, curved staircases.

We’ll help you make the right choices depending on your needs and budget and ensure your stairlift is installed to the highest standards.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are often more suited to commercial properties because of the work needed to install them. If you are in a wheelchair, however, using a stairlift can be time-consuming and difficult at home. This is another area where there have been massive improvements in the last few years.

Modern vacuum elevators are easy to install in any home, for instance, and don’t require foundations or a motor room. You’ll also find models that are suitable for taking a wheelchair. With low maintenance and an attractive style, these can easily be installed in the home in just a few days and they’ve become increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional stairlift.

More substantial platform lifts are the perfect accessibility solution for commercial premises and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These can be tailored for any business space and make a huge difference to accessibility.

Step and Incline Lifts

It’s not just getting to upper floors in any office or home that presents an accessibility issue. Entrance to buildings can often be a huge challenge. Today, there are a wide range of step and incline lifts that help provide access for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

Easy to install, they help users get in and out of a property with consummate ease. Many are also designed to be fitted indoors so if you have small step areas where you want to provide better accessibility these are an excellent solution for wheelchair users.

Getting the appropriate disabled access solutions for your home or business is important. At the Versatile Lift Company, our aim is to ensure you get the perfect product to match your location, whether that’s a tailored stairlift or a platform lift or something else.

Our expert team will be able to visit and assess your property and then work with you to find the solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to find out more.


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