Choosing the Right Stairlift, Lift or Access Products For Your Home

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Mobility and accessibility are key issues for many of us nowadays. Whether it’s because we have to manage a disability or we’re finding it difficult to get around as we become older, there a plenty of home solutions available.

At the Versatile Lift Company, we specialise in making sure that you have the right device and technology in place that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our aim is always to work with you to find the best solution for your property and for you.


One thing that we find most of our customers want, of course, is to stay in their home. When mobility issues begin to develop, it can cut off certain parts of your property, particularly the upstairs. Modern stairlifts are the ideal way to solve this problem. They can fit on almost any kind of staircase and provide you with easy access to the upper floors and bedrooms of your property. Not only that, with a variety of operating systems, they are simple to use.

The other great news about stairlifts is that they are also easy to install. The key is choosing the right model for your needs and that’s where our specialist team comes in. They’ll be able to survey your property and pick just the right stairlift for you and budget.

Conventional Lifts

For other properties, sometimes the best choice is to install a lift. Especially if you use a wheelchair, using a stairlift can often be hazardous and uncomfortable even if you have the space available. It’s relatively easy to install a lift device in a home and it can get you from one floor to another at the touch of a button. The range of lifts on the market means that it doesn’t mean your property is going to be subject to major and invasive building work. This can give wheelchair users the independence they want, making home life a whole lot easier.

Wheelchair Ramps and Step Lifts

Access to the front and back of your home is another issue that many people regularly have to contend with not only at home but out and around in the community. Installing a ramp is another simple process that can greatly improve access to any property. Another solution for wheelchairs, particularly for wide stair areas, is the step lift. More suited for public staircases, if you have the space in your home it can be a good solution if you don’t want to install a lift.

Low Rise Transfer Lifts

Architectural barriers may look innocuous but they can be a big challenge to anyone with mobility problems. Low rise transfer lifts can help overcome this problem and are designed to move vertically and the non-slip platform horizontally. When it is not being used, the lift can descend flush with the surrounding floor. It’s an ideal solution if you have an area that is either of historical interest or you where you don’t want to put in a more obvious ramp.

The type of access product that you choose for your home will depend on your circumstances as well as your budget. At the Versatile Lift Company, we have years of experience dealing with all sorts of homes and mobility issues. Our teams are friendly and knowledgeable and can give you the advice you need to help you overcome any problem, making your home accessible in the process. Contact us today to find out more.


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