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You might think having an elevator installed in your home or business is going to be invasive and a lengthy process. Builders are going to have to dig out a foundation and it’s going to make a bit of a mess of your home.

That’s where you’re wrong.

The PVE or Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator requires little in the way of foundations and can be installed in less than a day or two. It also looks highly attractive, is simple to use and is very reliable with low maintenance costs.

Many people are moving away from the traditional stairlift and having a lift installed in their homes. When you have mobility problems, getting to those upper floors can be difficult. Being able to step into a comfortable and safe lift that quickly transports you up and down is something our customer at the Versatile Lift Company find really appealing.

What is a PVE?

Vacuum elevators work a different way from traditional motorised elevators. They don’t require an engine room to store the mechanism for a start. Our PVE model actually uses air to move the platform up and down. That means all the space required is for the lift shaft itself which is pre-constructed before it actually gets to the property. There are some great advantages to this kind of installation:

  • You don’t need invasive works carrying out and installation can be done in a matter of hours.
  • There’s minimum maintenance when it is actually installed. It’s easy to keep clean and with few moving parts is unlikely to break down compared to more mechanised lifts.
  • The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market so you’ll be helping to save the planet at the same time as improving access to your home.
  • It looks great too. While it has a clear plastic, 360° view, it certainly looks fantastic in any home.
  • The PVE comes in various sizes, including models that are able to take wheelchairs.

What Happens During Installation?

Most of our customers really like the look of our PVE lifts but they worry about the work needed to install it. The first thing we do when we get an enquiry at the Versatile Lift Company is pay a visit to the property and assess whether it’s suitable for a PVE. For that, you’ll need a space and a ceiling/floor area that we can cut through to install the lift.

We’ll also explain how quick and easy it is to install a lift like this and that there will be minimum disruption to your home. Compared to other lifts, you’ll also require much less maintenance. The lift can go for 15,000 rides or five years before it actually needs a check over by a service engineer. The PVE is also a pretty quiet lift as you might expect for one that uses vacuum technology to go up and down.

If you want to improve access to the upper floors of your home, installing a PVE lift is an ideal way to do this and a great alternative to the traditional stairlift. Contact our professional team today to find out more.


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