Stairlift Installers Near Me

When you’re looking to make an investment in something like a stairlift, you mostly likely want to choose an installation company that is local. The Versatile Lift Company operates across Liverpool and the North West and has been supplying high quality installations for domestic and commercial customers for over a decade and more.

The benefits of choosing a stairlift installer that is near you means they will certainly understand your requirements better. The staff will be from the local area and will have had plenty of experience of working with other customers in your community, similar to you. That also means you can often get feedback on the kind of service they deliver.

It’s been over 13 years since we started our stairlift installation business in the North West. Many of our installation and servicing staff have been with us for that entire time, which means we have a settled workforce that are really committed to delivering a high quality and friendly service.

Our stairlift installations start with taking a look at your property and assessing your needs. Listening to you is just as important as viewing your home or commercial environment. We like to get to know our customers so we can deliver exactly what they require.

The reason we are one of the best stairlift installers in the North West area is that we like to pay attention to detail and offer our customers a range of products to suit their needs. We’re not ones for taking a one size fits all approach.

Helping people get access is our key focus and we have built up a strong range of stairlifts, platform lifts and specialised lifts that are designed to cater for the broadest range of customers.

A large part of our business is for domestic properties where people with mobility issues are looking to maintain their accessibility in the home. But we also work closely with a lot of local businesses and organisations to ensure they offer the best in terms of accessibility both for staff and customers.

What Sets the Versatile Lift Company Apart?

If you are looking for a local stairlift company, you’ll want to know about our credentials. All our staff, from those in support to our installers and service engineers, are fully trained. We work with our customers to make sure they get the ideal product for their needs and don’t use any pressure sales tactics or techniques. In short, we’ll give you our advice and then leave you to make the decision.

Our support service is an important part of how we operate as a local company. We understand that stairlifts and other machinery can break down. That’s why we provide a wide range of service and support packages and not just for those who have had a stairlift installed by us.

Picking the right stairlift and having it installed by a professional team who really know what they are doing is important. If you’re looking for a friendly company with a longstanding reputation in the Liverpool and North West area, contact the team at the Versatile Lift Company today.


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