How Simple Adaptations Can Make a Difference to Elderly Homeowners

Ask any elderly person and you’ll find that one of the most important things to them is being able to stay in their own home. Often it’s where we’ve grown up. We know the neighbours and are familiar to the community. We don’t’ want to move to somewhere strange where we don’t know anyone.

As we get older, however, we become a little less certain on our feet and making adjustments when it comes to reduced mobility is almost always necessary.

The good news is that minor changes to the home, and even some more major alterations, can mean that elderly homeowners can continue to live independently. The evidence shows that staying in your home is important for not only physical but mental wellbeing.

Outside the Home

Mobility is less of an issue than it used to be because there are plenty of aids to help you out. There’s the opportunity to take advantage of technology like scooters which can get you out and about around your local community. One thing you might want to change in your home if you do use a scooter is making sure that the front and back of your home are more accessible. That could mean putting in a ramp or even a small chair lift. Another good idea is to install better lighting with motion sensitivity which brightens up your front door as you approach.

Mobility Indoors

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you remain independent in the home. If you are having trouble getting up the stairs, for instance, you can install a stairlift or even a more substantial conventional lift. If you are less mobile but still able to get up the stairs without a lift, installing hand rails up the wall can ensure that you have something to grab hold of.

As we get older, getting in and out of the bath or shower can be more difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to overcome this. If you just want something to make your shower or bath area safer, you can again install rails in appropriate places to grab hold of. You can also opt for walk in baths or have a bath lift installed. Even more popular nowadays are shower rooms where you don’t have to worry about climbing in and out.

If you have joint problems and difficulty holding things, contacting an occupational health professional can help open up a whole range of gadgets for using in places like the kitchen. All these can make a big difference to how you live independently. If you have trouble getting in and out of a chair, for example, you can swap to a recliner that works electronically to lift you up gently into an upright position.

Of course, mobility isn’t the only thing that elderly homeowners sometimes worry about. If you have hearing problems you can now access subtitles for things like the TV and install flashing alarms that compliment traditional smoke and CO2 alarms.

There’s no reason that simple mobility or other health issues should prevent someone from living in their own home nowadays. From brilliant stairlifts to front door ramps and a wide range of assistive gadgets, you can continue to live independently and safely for some time to come.


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