Stairlift Installation

If you want to improve accessibility in your home, the installation of a stairlift is usually one of the first things to consider. For those suffering from mobility issues, not being able to get up the stairs can be a major concern. The good news is that a stairlift can be installed for a wide variety of homes in just a few hours and our engineers can ensure that you have exactly the right installation for your personal needs.

Any stairlift installation begins with a careful assessment of the space you have available. Our engineers will visit your property and get a feel for what needs to be done. That will include measuring the stairs and checking for any areas that might present a problem. For instance, if there is limited space at the bottom of the stairs, perhaps because there is a door nearby, we can make sure your lift platform folds away when not in use.

A lot will depend on the size and width of your staircase but at the Versatile Lift Company we’re confident that we can fit most spaces. Once we’ve had a good look at your staircase, we can make the recommendations and then leave you to decide whether you want to proceed with the installation. Our staff will be on hand should you have any further queries about your stairlift.

  • You can choose to either buy or rent your stairlift and our staff will be able to work with you to find the best option.
  • You can opt for perch or sit stairlifts depending on your mobility and the space in which you want the installation.
  • A variety of models are available including slimline ones that can fit on narrow staircases to more heavy-duty designs that are suitable for businesses that want to improve access.
  • All our stairlifts come with extended warranties and service plans which means you can always be sure your installation is working properly and you can easily access upstairs whenever you want.

Once you decide to go ahead, the installation process itself is fairly quick and can be completed in under a day and in just a few hours for most properties. This will include installing the railing along which the lift will travel and the mechanism that will drive it up and down. You don’t have to worry if you have a curved staircase either as we can easily cope with that.

There’s no doubt that stairlift installations are a fantastic way to improve access to your home if you have mobility issues. All our products come with great optional extras that allow you to control the overall costs while getting the stairlift that works for you. All our products are installed by qualified and highly trained technicians who have a vast amount of experience. Even if you think you have a difficult space to install a stairlift, our teams will work hard to find the solutions that mean you get the accessibility you are looking for.

If you want a friendly, caring installation team for your stairlift, contact the Versatile Lift Company today.


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