Getting a Lift Installed at Home

Accessibility is a key issue for many people. Whether it’s because they are ageing and a little less certain on their feet or because they have a long term disability, getting around the home with ease can pose significant problems.

The good news is that there a plenty of solutions out there if you are unable to take the stairs to the next floor or simply find yourself more unsteady when climbing up to the bedroom.

Of course, one option is to have a stairlift installed and it’s something many people choose. These can be the perfect solution if you want to get up and down with the minimum of fuss. They are fairly simple to install, easy to maintain, and can be tailored to fit pretty much any space, even curved staircases. You’ll also find there’s much more room than you think after installing a stairlift and other people can come and go without having to squeeze past it.

Stairlifts aren’t the right solution for everyone, however. If you use a wheelchair and want to get to the upstairs floors, it can be more problematic with a stairlift, especially when you have to swap seats all the time.

Most people haven’t thought of installing a conventional lift in their home believing that it’s very expensive and quite invasive. The truth is that lift installations can be carried out reasonably easily and the range of models available ensures you should be able to find one that both meets your needs and your budget.

Platform lifts are able cover a vertical distance of up to 15 metres and come in different styles to suit most homes. Our Aritco Vector model, for example, looks clean and stylish in any home while our vacuum elevator lift (PVE) not only uses state of the art technology but is designed to be fitted in any space in the home.

Many worry about the amount of excavation work that needs to be carried out in the home. With our PVE there’s no such building work required as the unit is all self-contained. Lifts come in various sizes including those that are able to transport wheelchair passengers so access doesn’t need to be an issue.

At the Versatile Lift Company, our team are experts at assessing a property and then installing the right appliance based on the needs of the individual. Not only does your installation come with a good warranty, we also deliver support when you most need it, including a 24-hour emergency breakdown service.

Deciding whether to have a lift installed in your property can be a big decision. You’ll want to be sure it’s right for you in the first place. You may have issues about how it will impact on the value of your property if you decide to move, for instance. Our experienced team will be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.

We’ve over 35 years’ experience of installing high quality stairlifts and traditional lifts in homes and businesses. If you want your home to be more accessible but are not sure what installation to choose, contact our team today to find out more.


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