Curved Stairlifts

There’s no doubt that stairlifts are a vital component of any home when someone has mobility issues. They not only allow access to upper floors but also ensure people can live at home more easily. Whether you are getting on in years and need help getting up the stairs or have a disability that limits your mobility, these installations can seem indispensable.

One problem many home owners need to consider, however, is how any stairlift fits into their house design. Many think that there’s not enough room or the staircase is too awkward, something that can often prevent them from finding out about installing a device in the first place.

The good news is that a tailored solution can be found almost any home. Even if you think that your staircase will be problematic and installation might not be that easy, our team at the Versatile Lift Company can review your location and recommend the right product for your needs.

Our range of curved stairlifts are suitable for a wide range of different locations and can be installed in a matter of days. They can also make a big difference to your life.

The Brooks 180

One of our most popular curved stairlifts, this looks attractive on any staircase and offers a number of comfort features which our customers love. Even if you have limited dexterity, the easy to use controls make operating the lift a breeze. The seat can be quickly folded up, allowing access to other users and the slimline design is something that looks good in any home, particularly those with narrow, curved staircases.

The Flow 2

When it comes to challenging stairways where our installers have to think a lot more about how everything fits together, the Flow 2 is a product that quickly lends itself to a high degree of flexibility. It’s a stairlift that not only looks elegant but is easy to use and highly functional. We’ve been able to install the Flow 2 on a wide range of staircases, including ones as narrow as 61cm, and it’s a great option where more conventional stairlifts aren’t suited. The smooth operation and joystick control make it an excellent choice for a wide range of users.

The Platinum Curve Heavy Duty

When it comes to a strong performance that can cope with the most complicated of staircases, the Platinum Curve is right up there. The aim here is to tailor design the rail for any staircase particularly ones that, at first glance, present a challenge – the key is to deliver a smooth ride up the stairs and this model can certainly do that. This is the kind of stairlift that both suits domestic properties and is used widely in places like local authorities to improve access on stairways.

Choosing the right stairlift for your home or business is, of course, important. At Versatile Lift Company, the key to our success in recent years has been our ability to work with our customers to provide the tailored approach they are looking for. We appreciate that there’s no one size fits all approach – each staircase is different and has its own challenges and all our customers have their own individual needs.

If you think that your staircase is unsuitable for a stairlift, you may like to think again. Contact our experienced team to see how a curved stairlift can work for your home.


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