What Kind of Stairlift Do I Need?

If you live with someone with mobility issues, you might get worried about their safety as they navigate the stairs in your home. Climbing and descending the stairs might become such a hassle that and are ultimately avoided. Fortunately, there are several options you can consider that can make life easier for your loved one and grant you peace of mind.

If you are looking for a more practical, affordable, and long-term solution, you might want to consider installing a stairlift. Modern stairlifts come in a wide array of features designed to make your life easier. They include soft start and soft stop, adjustable seat heights, manual or automated flip-up footrests, armrests, and amazing safety features. Even better, Versatile Lift Company has a large inventory of stairlifts that will grant your back your freedom and independence. Whichever you need, preferences or budget, you are sure to find a perfect stairway that suits your needs. Here are some of the types at your disposal and their key pros and cons.



Brooks 130

This modern and elegant stairlift is one of the slimmest in the market. It is perfect for straight stairways but is suitable for other types. The Brook 130 comes in a soft start and stop feature and padded vinyl upholstery guaranteeing a smooth, comfortable ride around your house. It also has simple to use swivel controls and a directional arm installed on both sides to ensure utmost convenience. It is durable, reliable, easy to maintain, and custom-made to fit your staircase, whether it’s long, long, narrow, or steep. You can also choose to have it fixed either on the right on the left side of your staircase. Installation requires no unsightly structural operations, and the installation will take between 1- 3 days. As a matter of fact, some of the straight stairlifts purchased at Versatile Lift Company can be installed even within a day.


  • More suitable for a straight staircase.
  • Although it’s a heavy-duty stairlift, it has a 350-400lb weight capacity.
  • It is limited to carry people between floors and not cargo.


Bespoke Synergy

Bespoke Synergy stairlifts are synonymous with quality, reliability, and simplicity and are great for straight staircases. No matter the size of your staircase, this stairlift uses incredibly slim rails giving it a less-obstructive look no matter the size of your staircase. It is easy to install and requires no renovation projects in your home. It is fitted directly on the staircase, where the stairlift seamlessly slides on an aluminium trail causing minimum disruption in your home. The Bespoke Synergy stairlift is fitted with a pressure joystick that you can press, hold and ride. The two wireless headsets go a long way, especially when there is more than one user in the same household. One can be placed at the top and the other at the bottom of the staircase, allowing people to send or call the lift. Most importantly, it is fitted with a retractable seat belt to guarantee safety. Versatile Lift Company offers various models which come in a wide range of colours to suit your interior décor.


  • Might be difficult to conceal
  • Takes up some stairway space
  • Designed to carry one person at a time


Bespoke Infinity

Bespoke Infinity Stairlift offers incredible reliability and utmost comfort on curved staircases. This agronomical yet tough system was designed and made with the customers in mind. They are state of the art in design, style, and manufacture, yet so easy to operate and maintain. Even better, these machines come fully personalized to suit your needs and that of your entire household. It is built to the highest standards in the industry and cutting-edge technology, making them reliable and durable. Besides, Bespoke Infinity stairlifts sold at Versatile Lift Company come with a lock and key to prevent other people-like small children- from mishandling them.


  • The cost of the product and installation fee will cost several thousand dollars.
  • It’s best suitable for straight stairs.
  • It needs regular (yearly) maintenance.


Flow X

This stairlift is designed to offer seamless movement even in the most challenging stairways. It is synonymous with brilliant workmanship, confidence, and quality. Flow X is equipped with a high-tech five-degree seat rest to facilitate a smooth, comfortable, natural, and healthy posture. Besides the superior fabrics and finishes, this stairlift comes in various elegant colours that will seamlessly blend with your home’s décor. With a unique, adjustable footrest and an ergonomically designed safety belt, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable ride.


  • Need servicing from time to time.
  • It has a weight limit of 400 lbs.
  • One person can only use it at a time.
  • It is designed for people only. Not people and things.


Minivator 1000 XXL

This heavy-duty stairlift is perfect for straight stairways and an even better choice for people who are more interested in comfort over speed. The Minivator 1000 has gained massive traction with many users thanks to its ability to accommodate higher weight capacities (440 Ibs) and wider frames. Despite its heavy capacity, this stairlift operates on a super slim and compact track. Besides, you can fold up the seat and armrest maximizes the space on your staircase, making it more accessible to the rest of the family members. It also comes with dual remotes, which allow you to call or send the staircase, especially when there are numerous users.


  • Most suitable for straight stairs.
  • It can be slower than other types.
  • Though it’s a heavy-duty stairlift, it’s limited to 440lbs.
  • It might not significantly add to your home’s resale value.
  • The stairlift system may block a doorway.


Brooks 180

If your stairway has immediate landings, turns, or limited space, the Brooks 180 stairlift is the ideal choice for you. It comes in a simple and brilliant design with a rail that easily glides over the contours of your stairways. You can therefore have it installed in about 1- 3 days. It is flexible and can be installed in a range of staircases no matter the shape or size. The Brooks 180 stairlift is currently the slimmest in the market, which you can also fold away to create extra space on your stairway. What’s more, it is equipped with an array of safety features for a safe and hassle-free movement. They include safety belts, limit sensors, dual mechanical and electrical braking systems, limit sensors, and pressure-safety plates.


  • It takes up some of the stair space.
  • May not increase the resale price of your home.
  • It can be difficult to conceal.


Platinum Curve Heavy Duty

It is perfect for curved stairways and has all its features as heavy-duty versions. If your stairway features landings, corners, bends, and spirals, a Platinum Curve Heavy Duty stairway is a perfect choice. The ERGO seats are made wider with high-quality upholstery material for utmost comfort. It is also equipped with a motorized swivel which you can use to turn your seat when you need to get off. This stairlift also features a retractable seat belt, security key switch, an ergonomic joystick, an easy-to-use seat swivel level, and a level-linked footrest. Versatile Lift Company has a wide inventory of Platinum Curve Heavy Duty staircases, and you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs.


  • The rail system may need some structural adjustment.
  • Its wide seats may need extra space to fit in the stairway.
  • It can be difficult to conceal.
  • It might be a challenge to install them on narrow stairs.


Bruno Elite

This heavy-duty stairlift is built with superb craftsmanship combined with a superior bespoke design. It is a perfect choice for users who need a heavy-duty capacity no matter the stairway. It reflects safety, comfort, and class. As a matter of fact, A Bruno Elite Stairlift is the kind of seat you are most likely to find in some of the most elegant homes. Check out some custom-made designs at Versatile Lift Company for the ultimate comfort, style, safety, and stability.


  • Customization may require a longer evaluation process and installation time
  • It May be hard to conceal.
  • It might require some structural adjustment.
  • It might block a doorway.


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