How Do Stairlifts Work?

As we get older, using stairs becomes a strenuous, sometimes excruciating task. Reduced mobility does not have to end independent living thanks to stairlifts. Stairlifts are an affordable and safe way for anyone with limited mobility to navigate multi-level homes. They not only offer safe movement, but they also spare you as well as your family the worry of getting injured when moving up and down your home. Let’s take a look at the intricate workings and the advantages of using a stairlift.

Stairlifts Are Extremely User Friendly

Like any other machine, stairlifts come in different shapes, sizes and brands. They are all easy to control and have excellent safety features to ensure maximum safety. Stairlifts efficiently use a switch that controls movements when the rider pushes and holds on it. When the chair gets the rider to the end of the rail, it beeps and automatically stops to let the rider know it’s safe to get off the seat. All stairlifts come equipped with a seat belt.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a stairlift machine.

  • They provide a safer way of getting from one floor to the next
  • It is very easy to board and operate stairlift machines: You are only required to sit on the lift’s seat, fasten the safety belt, hold and press the rocker switch and you are on your way up/down the stairs. You can also use the two-keyed remote that comes with the product
  • They offer a smooth and comfortable ride
  • They are the most affordable and quickest solution to the aged
  • Offer immediate solutions for people recovering from injury
  • You can always test a stairlift machine before you buy

Here is How to Safely Get On and Off the Chair

Using a stairlift is as easy as ABC. Getting on the chair is as easy as getting on any other seat except for a few things that you would need to pay attention to for your safety. Before getting on the seat, ensure that the seat is locked in place. When seated, ensure that the back of your knees touches the front of the seat. The rider manually pulls down the footrest using either one of their feet. If the rider cannot pull down the footrest using their foot, then a power-folding footrest would come in handy. Do not forget to ensure that the armrests are in position supporting your arms.

Once you get to the landing, top or bottom, push the lever so the chair swivels to 90 degrees and locks so you can get on and off with ease. Most importantly, always ensure that your seat belt is locked in place, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Common Misconceptions About Stairlifts

Most people think that stairlifts attach to the wall, which is not the case. Stairlifts attach to the stairs sparing the walls any installation damage. Sometimes lift chairs have more than one user, which would mean that users would need a way to get the chair back up or down after safely delivering a rider. Getting the chair to come to you is where remote controls come into play. We make remote-controllable stairlifts so you can get your chair to where you are.

Why You Should Get a Versatile Lift Chair for Your Home

If you are looking for a comfortable stairlift, Versatile Lift Company Stairlifts are the best for your home. We make custom made stairlifts for your home. No staircase is too complicated for us—when you make an order with us, our team of highly experienced surveyors will visit you and help you develop the best designs for your home. After the designs are completed, we will provide you with a comprehensive quotation for the optimized bespoke stairlift.

We offer vertical stairlifts that get you up and down in no time. With Versatile Lift Company, you do not have to dread going up and down the stairs. We guarantee you safety and comfort as you go about your daily routines.

Contact us today to experience comfort, stability and style at the most affordable prices in your home.


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