Stairlifts: Not just for older people

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When we think of stairlifts, many of us no doubt will think of device that is specifically designed to get older people up and down the stairs. Indeed, the first time most of us will come across one is when we visit an elderly relative who has become a little less mobile in their later years. For these customers, the installation of a stairlift is invariably a transformative solution that suddenly makes their home life so much easier. Businesses too will often install stairlifts primarily to make sure older visitors can get easy access when they need to.

However, despite their obvious benefits for the elderly, stairlifts are not just for older people. Anyone who has a mobility problem can benefit from having a stairlift installed. There could be a number of reasons why getting up the stairs can suddenly become a problem. Those suffering from long term conditions such as muscular dystrophy or severe arthritis could well need the help and ease of use that comes with a good quality stairlift. Alternatively, if you have had an accident which has led to a long term disability, a stairlift could be the perfect solution for you. Many people find themselves struggling with mobility problems, unaware that help could be more accessible that they think.

A stairlift can make life at home easier

Access to all areas of your home
Whether you have lived in a house all your life or are enjoying the space of a new home, there is nothing more frustrating than to suddenly become shut of from part of your home. Installing a stairlift can ensure that you can always access every part of your home and don’t have to worry about getting assistance simply to climb a few steps.

Maintaining independence
For many people with a mobility problem, maintaining independence is a big issue. The more someone can manage themselves without relying on others, the better and more confident they feel. A stairlift allows for that independence which means you can go up to the next floor without having to wait for someone else.

Staying safe in the home
Having a stairlift in place also makes sure you stay safe in the home and can get down the stairs in a timely manner if something like a fire should be unfortunate enough to occur.

Whilst there are many elderly people who benefit from having a stairlift put in their home, the Versatile Lift Company helps people with a wide range of mobility problems to regain their independence and experience a better quality of life – no matter what their age.

Businesses – ensuring access for everyone

For businesses, providing access through installations such as stairlifts is important not only for their own reputations but also ensuring they comply with current legislation. Not all people with mobility problems have long term conditions, plenty of accidents occur that mean potential customers and staff may have a problem accessing your premises at one time or another. With a vast range of products available, stairlifts can be tailored to your specific requirements and property which means you don’t have to worry about large constructions taking up space on the stairs or spoiling the aesthetics of your workspace. For more information about how we can help you make your business accessible to everyone, contact us today.


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