Stairlift Maintenance

Servicing a stairlift

When our teams first go into someone’s house, one of the things that customers always ask about is maintenance and their stairlift. As with any piece of machinery, regular servicing and maintenance is vital for ensuring your device stays in tip top condition and prevents major problems from occurring.

In the day to day use of a stairlift, there isn’t much you need to be aware of in terms of maintenance. Once it’s installed, all you need to do is sit down and enjoy the ride. All our models come with instruction manuals and as long as you follow these simple points, you should expect your new stairlift to perform well.

At the Versatile Lift Company, we offer a range of service and maintenance options for your stairlift. It makes sense to have this as a backup in case anything should go wrong. These service options are not just available to people who buy our stairlifts. If you have a model installed by another company but want to take advantage of our great service packages, we are more than happy to have you on board.

The Service and Support You Need

Our team of qualified engineers are here to help and we can provide a wide range of different maintenance contracts to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Bronze Service: If you just want a regular check for your equipment, our bronze service comes with an annual visit. This can often be all you need to make sure your stairlift is working at optimum performance.
  • Silver Service: For this we include the annual service but add on breakdown call outs. If you suddenly find you have a problem with your stairlift, our engineers can be on site quickly to repair it for you. Silver service does not include the cost of parts that may need replacing.
  • Gold Service: This gives you everything you need and includes replacement parts if they are required.

Why Use a Service Contract

There are several reasons why you could want a service contract for your stairlift. The first, of course, is peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your stairlift breaking down because you have that support behind you. The last thing you need is not being able to use your device and potentially cutting off access to those upstairs facilities.

Having a regular check-up for your stairlift can make sure that it stays in good condition and you are much less likely to encounter problems in the future. It also means the life span of the stairlift will hopefully improve because you are having regular checks.

Anyone with a stairlift can choose one of our service packages and it doesn’t matter what the make or age of the device is in your home. Our engineers are trained to deal with most circumstances and can handle all makes of stairlift – they can even give you a bit of advice if you are considering upgrading an old system to something new.

If you already have a stairlift installed or are thinking about getting one, considering the general maintenance and service needs is important. At Versatile Lift Company, we’ve got some of the best engineers in the business, waiting to help.


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