The Lifts and Stairlifts that Give You Peace of Mind

As we get older, mobility generally becomes a problem. We can suffer problems such as joint pain or simply be less steady on our feet. While most of us can cope with this change over time, issues such as getting up and down the stairs can cause particular problems.

Making the most of technology and installing a lift or stairlift in the areas where you need easier access can ensure that you are able to stay in your home and maintain your independence for much longer. At the Versatile Lift Company, we’ve helped many home owners do just that.

Elderly people who are able to remain in the family home are usually much better off than those who have to move or go into care. Familiar surroundings that hold lots of memories and a sense of security are important as you get older and most elderly people, when offered the choice, want to stay in their home.

The Benefits of Installing a Stairlift

When you start having difficulty moving around your home, it can make you feel insecure and worried about your future. You may develop a disability that requires you to alter the design of your home so that you have better access all round. You may simply be getting older and are less firm on your feet than you used to be and want a more secure way to get to the upper floors of your home.

In these circumstances, even getting up the stairs to go to bed can become a big issue. Initially, you might consider moving your bedroom downstairs and confine yourself to certain rooms. Most homeowners, however, want to have access to all areas and not be restricted in this way. Installing a piece of equipment such as a stairlift in these circumstances can make a big, big difference.

  • It gives you the independence and freedom you need. That’s important not only to elderly people but also those with a disability.
  • A stairlift is easy to maintain and simple to use. Normally you simply sit down, press a button and it takes you up the stairs.
  • You can install a stairlift on almost any staircase and there’s usually enough room for more able bodied people to get up and down without too much difficulty.
  • A stairlift can normally be fitted in just a couple of hours by an expert team and doesn’t cost as much as you might think. From the time you have the first assessment, you can have your stairlift within four or five days.
  • They provide peace of mind. It’s not just you that may be worried about falling or having difficulty getting up the stairs. You will probably have sons and daughters who are concerned about your mobility.

How Do I Get a Stairlift Fitted?

At the Versatile Lift Company, one of our team members will visit your home and take a look at your staircase, measure everything up and recommend the right model and talk you through the installation and maintenance process. The main key areas they will often look at are the top and bottom where you step on and off the lift. For example, if there is an obstruction at the bottom of the staircase such as a door, the technician will recommend a stairlift with a flap that can be raised and put out of the way. We can usually fit a suitable model on most staircases.

We’ve got a reputation for going that extra mile with our customers, making sure that they have exactly the right product installed. The initial survey is free and carries no obligation for you to take it any further and we don’t use any pressure tactics to get your business.

Is it Expensive?

Having a stairlift installed is not as expensive as many people think and we can usually find a solution that works within your budget. We also offer the opportunity to buy or rent so you have the flexibility that you need.

What About Maintenance?

Our stairlifts come with a two-year warranty and we give 12-month breakdown cover with a 24-hour emergency service. We can normally be on site in just a few hours when there’s a problem.

Other Kinds of Lift for the Home

While most people opt for the traditional stairlift, other customers can benefit from more traditional style lifts. These aren’t just for offices – plenty of people have them in their homes. For example, if you have a wheelchair it can be a lot more difficult to change to a stairlift to get upstairs and installing an internal lift is a more sensible solution. A lot, of course, will depend on the size and design of your home but many lift installations can be tailored to your exact needs.

Designs such as the Versatile Harmony Home Lift are ideal for those who use a wheelchair and can be installed in a variety of home environments. This lift is the only one that can take both category A and B wheelchairs. The easy to operate and easy to maintain design means that you can get to the next floor with the minimum of fuss.

For those with mobility problems who don’t want a stairlift, then the Stylelift Home Lift is another excellent solution. It’s slim and attractive to look at and can fit in most homes. There is minimal building work involved which means that you don’t have to worry about too much disruption during the installation process.

How We Work with Customers

Our aim at the Versatile Lift Company is to find the right solution that works for you. Each home is different and every one of our customers is an individual with specific needs and this drives our overall approach. Our teams are highly experienced at evaluating a property and putting in the measures that make moving from floor to floor a whole lot easier. We have a great reputation with our customers, not just those who want better home mobility but also businesses and organisations in the local area who want to improve access for their customers.


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