Bespoke Infinity

Every part of the Infinity stairlift has been designed with you in mind. The chair, compact, yet comfortable and the slimline twin tube rail leave plenty of room on the staircase and your home is never compromised.

The Bespoke Infinity Curved Stairlift is designed and engineered to fit the most challenging of staircases. With many features as standard, enhancing the practicality and usability for the userand household to live with.

The ergonomically designed toggle switch located on the end of the arm makes controlling the Infinity stairlift comfortable for all users even for those with reduced dexterity.

The detailed digital diagnostic display easily assists the user in understanding the Infinity stairlift with the clear, back lit text.

Peace of mind can be had with a turn of the key, adding extra safety by preventing other people from using the Infinity Stairlift.

The Bespoke remote control is ergonomically designed to fit and function with ease in your hand. Giving you total control to operate the stairlift when your not using it.

Adjustable seat belts are standard on all Bespoke stairlifts giving the user additional peace of mind and added security when using the stairlift.


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