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At the Versatile Lift Company, we have a wide range of platform lifts available to suit almost any property. Whether you want easy access in your own home or you’re a business that needs to improve disabled access in your building, our specialist teams are on hand find the right installation for your needs.

The first thing that people often think when you mention a platform lift is the potential expense. The second is the disruption to any home or business that an installation will cause. The truth is that the cost is probably not as steep as you think and the installation can usually be done quickly and without causing damage to your foundations or surrounding structures.

We provide several different models of platform lift and have gained a reputation as one of the leading companies providing these installations in the UK. We take a lot of time to make sure our customers are getting the perfect lift for their needs. If you are in a wheelchair, you might think that a stairlift is your only reasonable solution. That means, however, you need to get in and out of your chair each time you want to go upstairs.

A lift is a much better option and can be installed in almost any home. Our standard lift sizes only take up about two square metres of space and they can easily be fitted with glass and metal panels that take only a minimum amount of building work. Our highest lifts can work up to a height of 12 metres and are suitable for homes or office buildings with multiple floors.

At the Versatile Lift Company, we take pride in finding the perfect solution for our customers. Our teams will give your home or business a full appraisal and discuss the installation with you beforehand. They’ll look at the structure of your building as well as your own personal needs. And if you’re worried about your home lift matching the décor, the good news is that we a large selection of models to choose from.

Our platform lifts aren’t just for those in wheelchairs. If you have any mobility issues and don’t want to a stairlift installed for any reason, opting for a platform lift is another great solution. Making sure you have access to every area of your house is important, of course. For businesses, ensuring employees and customer who have mobility problems can get around easily is not only good for their reputation but shows staff they care.

Installing a platform lift is a big decision. We appreciate that at the Versatile Lift Company, which is why we make sure all our customers have the advice and guidance they need to make an informed decision. Our specialist teams will be able to talk you through every stage of any installation as well as the costs involved – and there’ll be no hard sales techniques trying to get you to buy.

If you have a platform lift already installed and want access to a great maintenance company, you can also give us a call anytime to discuss the various programmes we have to keep you on the move.


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