Aritco 9000

The Aritco 9000 has proven to be a very safe design and meets the demands of today. 

The Aritco 9000 Cabin Platform Lift is a functional, low cost and reliable enclosed cabin platform lift which is a great alternative to a conventional lift for almost any project. Fully compliant with Part M and the Equality Act and ideal as a wheelchair lift or access lift, the Aritco 9000 cabin lift offers a familiar surrounding with quick installation.

The Aritco 9000 enclosed cabin lift is a simple, cost effective and efficient direct replacement for a conventional lift, combining the best of both worlds and making it ideal for the accessibility and disability markets.

The 9000 uses a modular structure to reduce delivery and installation time, needing only a load bearing footprint and no major building works on site.

Key Features

  • Up to 13m (6 stops) with up to 3 doors per floor
  • Enclosed cabin 
  • 2 platform lift sizes
  • 75mm pit or ramp
  • No head room, machine room or pump box
  • Quiet and energy efficient lift
  • Internal wall designs and shaft RAL colours
  • 8 flooring options

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