Terry Harmony

Regain the freedom of your home by being able to travel between floors smoothly, quietly and safely. Sometimes space is limited, therefore the Harmony features an ingenious car design resulting in a wheelchair lift which Is only fractionally larger on the outside than the inside.

When It comes to internal car size and the number of lift models available, The Harmony model is the only ‘’through-floor’’ lift that can accommodate all category A and B wheelchairs

Key Features

    • Half hour fire integrity maintained in
    • ceiling/floor irrespective of whether lift is parked upstairs or downstairs.Manufactured and tested to BS 5900. Warrington Fire Research Centre assessment WF 174734
    • The lift car side panels are fitted with
    • modern LED lights which switch on to emit a spill of light inside and outside  of the car
    • Low floor car construction ensuring
    • easier wheelchair access
    • In the event of a power failure, a battery back up system allows operation of then lift car in the down direction by normal controls with all safety systems in operation.

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