TSL 500/1000

The TSL is a small platform or step lift to enable wheelchair users access to another level they wouldn’t normally be able to.

Whilst usually chosen for outside, the lift may be fitted indoors also. Travel 500mm or 1000mm options.

Provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway, inside or outside.

Easy to Use
Convenient controls (remote option available) and a shallow approach ramp.

Easy Installation
This self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a smooth flat surface, such as concrete or tarmac and can easily be installed in a day.

Cost Effective
A step lift in often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited. 

In case of a power cut, the battery back up provides normal operation, for up to 30 cycles.

Low Maintenance
Annual servicing recommended
Maintenance contracts available.

Built in the UK to BS6440 Safety Standards.

The lift will travel up to 500mm/1000mm with a bridging stepping or alternatively with upper gate protection.

  • 24 Hour emergency call out Service
  • 12 months VLC breakdown cover
  • 12 months parts warranty

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