Linea – Wheelchair stair lift

The Linea can undoubtedly be considered the pinnacle of our range of inclined platform lifts.

Soft colours, rounded shapes, foldaway safety arms, minimum encumbrance are just some of its positive features.

The Linea comes fitted with automatic safety barriers which open for the user to enter the platform and then close to ensure the user is safely contained within the platform during the ride.

The Linea folds neatly for storage, using its automatic folding platform, removing the need to manually fold the platform.

Easy on/off
As the Linea’s automatic platform unfolds, access ramps are also lowered to enable the user to glide easily onto and off the platform. These access ramps are also retracted during closure.

The Linea in its basic configuration

provides you with a complete range of fittings. It can be further improved by adding an automatic platform, acoustic and visual alarms, increased speed (0,14m/s), soft start, auxiliary power system, remote control, folding seat and long side access ramp.

  • 24 Hour emergency call out Service
  • 12 months VLC breakdown cover
  • 12 months parts warranty

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