PVE37 Two Passenger Residential Elevator

The PVE37 Two Passenger Residential Elevator was the first of the PVE Vacuum Elevators to enter the home lift market in 2002. With a 37 inch diameter the contemporary, air driven lift can safely carry two passengers (450lbs) whilst maintaining a small footprint and a quick and easy installation. 

As with any home elevator, the PVE37 can transport both passengers and other items including luggage, as an alternative to taking the stairs. Travelling smoothly across up to 5 stops, the PVE37 is a great solution for those wanting a small lift, with slightly more space than the PVE30 With room for two passengers, the PVE37 is often the perfect option for those with a disability that require the assistance of a carer whilst travelling in a lift. 

Key features

  • No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
  • Quick and easy installation, with minimal construction work needed
  • Modern, stylish design with choice of colours
  • Round lift with 360° panoramic visibility
  • Transports two passengers at a time
    (450lbs max capacity)
  • 50ft (15m) maximum height
  • Two to five stops
  • 30 ft/min travelling speed
  • Eco friendly, low power operation (30 AMP 220VAC)
  • Through floor or balcony mount landings
  • In-line door openings
  • Aluminium and polycarbonate cylinder structure
  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
  • Mechanical emergency safety brake system


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